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  • There are a lot of lies in the podcasting space.
  • There are Facebook groups and entire events / conferences devoted to how to create a great podcast. 
  • It’s a crock.
  • It doesn’t matter what microphone you use.
  • Or what state of the art equipment or editing software 
There’s no magic equipment package that is going to make you a success.
There’s also a lot of bS about ranking your show.

People drool over achieving New and Noteworthy status like it’s the holy grail.

There are plenty of podcasters I know in the new and noteworthy who are dead broke.

Because it’s not about sound quality or number of downloads or 5 star reviews or building your brand or getting your message out.

None of that matters.
The ONLY reason you should start a podcast it to make money. Period.

it shouldn’t take 10,000 downloads to start selling ads to make money.
Do you really want a second job selling ads on your show? Or do you want to turn your show over to an ad network and get paid pennies per listener?
It’s all smoke and mirrors designed to keep you from peeking behind the curtain to see how this business REALLY works.

That’s secret number one: it’s a BUSINESS , B**ch.
Would you buy a business that had no clear path to profit?
Where the ultimate goal was uncertain?
I didn’t think so.
Or would you rather stop worrying about all the bs and follow a STRATEGIC podcast BUSINESS model that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in revenue without any ads, fancy equipment, or complicated editing?

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